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This new price guide has complete individual pricing on all cards, food issue and collectibles. 208 pages, full color and 1500 pictures! So much new information has come to light since the first appearance of the vintage hockey guide in 2006 that it has become truly a monumental effort to expand its scope and to include whole new areas, to create a new resource that the hobby has always lacked. This new price guide, unlike the previous guides, will have 3 distinct sections.

The 1st section will house all the mainstream card sets issued from 1910 – 1990, with all players and sets accurately listed and all individually priced. Plus for many collectors, a first glance at several newly found sets that have never before been documented anywhere else. This 1st section will certainly serve the collector well through quick reference, so if you want to simply look up cards, your search will not be hampered by having any food issue or merchandise to wade through, for these will have their own dedicated sections.

The 2nd section is “Food & Company Issue” which will be a treasure trove of detailed information about food and company issues, with many of these sets having newly found short prints, many of which have not been listed before. Plus there will be many newly documented sets in this section with fully detailed lists.

The 3rd section of the new VHC is dedicated to merchandise, some of the most popular items that could be purchased in stores or souvenir stands. The likes of the 1950’s Dixon Hockey Player Pencils, 1960’s bobble heads and many different other collectibles that may only house NHL team logos such as: puck banks, wall plaques, skate bottle openers etc.

Additionally, the multi-sports sets listed within the VHC have their complete lists of the set, regardless of sport, such as: 1923 Willard's,1924 & 1928 Dominion Chocolate, 1945-47 Kellogg's, 1950's Nabisco etc...

This comprehensive volume will surely become a landmark edition for the vintage card hobby. Not only will the VHC be a useful tool for every interested collector & hockey historian but it will become an indispensable companion at every card show for buyer & seller alike.
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